CH Ken-Bear's Echo In Time


Top Producing Dam in 2002

  Sire:  CH Ken-Bear's Ros-Mor's Mardi Gras (ROM)

Dam:  Ken-Bear's Lady Marlee (ROM)

Silver GCH Ken-Bear's Herbie The Love Bug


(CA) Cerebellar Degeneration Clear/

MDRI Normal/Normal/

(DM) Degenerative Myelopathy Normal/


Sire:   CH Ken-Bear's N' Wigglebottom's Pippin  

  Dam:  CH Wigglebottom's Sweet Margaret



Breeding for the Betterment of the Breed

Ken-Bear's Skye Dancer

Sire:  CH Ken-Bear's Casanova

Dam:  Wigglebottom Daisies N Dreams Morgan



Wigglebottom Daisies N Dreams Natasha

Sire:  CH Ken-Bear's Legendary Star

Dam:  Wigglebottom-Daisies N Dreams-Morgan

First Champion

CH Ken-Bear's For The Gusto (Adam)


  Sire:  AM/CAN CH Winnoby’s The Challenger            Dam:  Lady Kendra Of Devonshire


Preslie  & Nattie playing beauty shop.

I love this picture.

CH Ken-Bear's N' Deja Blu Messenger Of Dreams (Gabby) enjoying retirement with Mom.  Photo & story by local newspaper (Monroe News).

Bronze GCH Ken-Bear's Slated For Stardom (Micah)

   OFA-Hips Good/Elbows/Eyes/Thyroid/

     (CA) Cerebellar Degeneration Clear/

(EIC) Exercise Induce Collapse Clear/

(PCD) Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Clear/

(DM) Degenerative Myelopathy Clear/

Heart with Doplar/MDR1 Normal/Chic/DNA

Sire: CH Bugaboo's Big Puff of Smoke (Slater)

Dam: Ch Ken-Bear's Written In The Stars (Star)

Gavin and Skye (Ken-Bear's Skye Dancer)  won the "BEST KISSER" competition at the Dallas Pet Expo on Sunday--May 22, 2016

I bred my 1st OES litter in 1986. In 1987 I bred my 2nd litter and from this litter I finished my first home-bred Champion in 1989 under my kennel name "Ken-Bear's".

I’ve bred Top Producers, Register of Merits, Specialty Winners, Multiple Group Winners, and Reserve Best In Show Winners.                                                      

Along the way, I’ve had a lot of wonderful people who have touched
my life. They have become my friends and extended family. One in particular stands out. In June 1998 Marilyn Vogt bought a dog from me (CH Ken-Bear’s Duke of Earl [Isaac]). She wanted to show her own dog and I became her breed mentor. When Isaac attained his Championship, she thought she was done showing dogs. But I changed that. She was a natural and loved showing. I told her “I didn’t put all of this work into teaching you how to groom and show dogs for you to walk away”, so she joined my kennel and now she co-owns, co-breeds, and we travel together showing dogs. She has become a wonderful friend to me. Marilyn has extended what our dogs do in the ring because she also does performance events.

I attribute my success in the show ring and my breeding program to having 2 wonderful breed mentors who taught me that Temperament, Health, Type, and Soundness were of the utmost importance.

   1.   Marilyn Vogt: “Cathy Drummonds doesn't let you off easy. She makes sure you learn the attributes of a dog who meets the standard. She doesn't just tell you how to recognize a good dog you would want to show. She asks what you are looking for in the breed and then gives constructive criticism. Cathy has a good heart.”
     2.   Nita McCreary: “Cathy helped me before I had one of her dogs. Once she's a mentor you can count on her always being there for you.”
     3.  Beth Ginther:  Of all the OES people I’ve met in the dog show world over a 15-year period, Cathy Drummonds is the one I most respect, for her honesty, for the integrity of her carefully-considered breeding program, and for the fact that she puts the well-being of the dogs and the nurturing of people above any kennel name or political agendas.